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Be Aware of the Features and Benefits of the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Grill and Smoker from BBQs 2u

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The Konnected Joe, represented by BBQs 2u, stands out among ceramic grills for its effortless ignition and temperature control.

With the user-friendly control board, simply power on, press the Automatic Fire Starter button and adjust your desired temperature.

This convenience extends to remote management via the Kamado Joe app, making charcoal grilling a breeze.

Discover a new era of ceramic grilling

The Konnected Joe Adventurer pack revolutionizes fire ignition with its Automatic Firestarter button, simplifying charcoal lighting.

Utilize the digital Control Board or the Kamado Joe App to set your desired cooking temperature while the Control Fan takes care of the rest.

Multiple cooking functions, including Automatic and Classic modes, offer versatile options for Kamado grilling and smoking.


The Konnected Joe Grill’s intelligent networking is one of its best qualities. Because the grill is Wi-Fi-equipped, you can monitor and operate it from a tablet or smartphone.

For those who enjoy grilling, but do not want to stand by the grill all the time, this feature is really helpful.

With this grill, you can use your smartphone to control the temperature, track the cooking of your food, and get notifications when it is done.

In addition to its many capabilities, the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Grill is a fantastic culinary instrument.

With its spacious 250-square-inch cooking area, it is ideal for cooking big portions of meat or several things at once.

Additionally, the grill features a multi-level cooking system that lets you cook food at several temperatures and stages at once.

This capability is especially helpful for cooking multiple foods at once, like meats and veggies.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the features discussed above, the Konnected Joe Grill boasts an innovative air lift hinge technology that makes opening and closing the grill lid simple.

When cooking huge slices of meat that need to be basted often or when you need to add extra charcoal to the grill, this feature comes in handy.

The Konnected Joe Grill has several unique features, but it is also made to last longer.

Cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramic are among the premium materials used in its construction.

In addition to being strong, these materials offer superior heat distribution and retention, which is necessary to get the ideal sear on your meat.

Why should you prefer to buy from BBQs 2u?

BBQs 2u is a Kamado Joe ELITE dealer in the whole of the UK, in addition to being an authorized dealer! In short, this indicates that BBQs 2u has been acknowledged as a superb KJ dealership offering the best pricing for both in-person and online purchases, together with exceptional customer service.

Furthermore, as an Elite dealer, BBQs 2u receives all of the latest KJ merchandise first!  Purchasing from an authorized dealer, such as BBQs 2u, guarantees that a valid warranty covers your new Kamado Joe.

BBQs 2u wants to be a part of your barbecue experiences and is here to support you throughout the entire process.  Purchase from a family-run company that cares.

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